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All the facts about hair transplantation and baldness and advice to the hairdresser. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic plastic surgery for the treatment of baldness (alopecia or androgenetic alopecia) and hair loss, the receding hairline (or balding forehead) and for thickening hair with hair transplantation taken behind the head of the same patient. Baldness or alopecia indicates a deficiency or absence of hair and may be due to several causes: genetic baldness (androgenetic alopecia), baldness acquired (scarring alopecia, alopecia areata , baldness by food shortages). Baldness by genetic sensitivity is irreversible and can be treated and cured with medical or surgical therapy (hair transplant), while baldness acquired must be cured by removing the external causes responsible for hair loss. Baldness begins with a slow and progressive thinning hair (hair loss), usually in the area of the temples (balding forehead and receding hairline) or on 'hanging at the front. Baldness in the growth phase of the hair is reduced, the hair is always shorter (it does not grow and does not stretch) and gets thinner and until it disappears while the bulb gets smaller (miniaturization of the hair follicle). Baldness and the process of hair loss may arrive at different levels of severity and thinning hair and then stabilized. A solution to block or slow down the progression of baldness and hair loss is use a therapy based on pharmacological products, prescribed by your dermatologist or hair specialists; while to cure baldness already advanced you can resort to hair transplants (or hair transplants). Usually the baldness is almost always spared a crown of hair back and side of the head and at the temples, and that's why for the hair transplant follicles are taken from the back and side of the neck (donor area): in these areas head hair are not subject to baldness , instead affects other areas (especially the temples and the central part of the head). The surgical treatment of baldness consists in 'hair transplantation, that is, in the withdrawal of the hair from the patient himself, and in their re-engagement in the areas of the scalp affected by the lack of hair and baldness (alopecia). Baldness and hair loss can take on different extension and be due to several causes. We distinguish fact different types of baldness, and before you surgery undergo to hair transplant is well consult a dermatologist experienced in Trichology for an evaluation of hair loss and the type of baldness. For hair styling, for example forget the gel, wash your hair before they become intractable, do it on a regular basis, is the hair with appropriate products, Style to always. For finding your style, here you have to reflect on how you want to make the most of the stage where you are; a good idea is to get help from an expert hairdresser, or a hair stylist.

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