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BIFASICO controls curls - GEL FLOW shaping folding
BIFASICO controls curls - GEL FLOW shaping folding - NATURAL HP - Hair Gel - Finish

BIFASICO controls curls - GEL FLOW shaping folding
NATURAL HP - Hair Gel - Finish

Specific finishes for volume, shape, and styling control

BIFASICO - check hedgehogs
Conditioning for frizzy and unruly hair. Ideal for fine hair. Easy and fast to use, untangles, polishes and instantly protects without weighing down.
It wraps the capillary structure with a uniform film protecting it and giving shine, softness and combability. Its formula defends the natural and cosmetic color from the degrading effect of UV rays and the elicrise extract enhances the well-being of the capillary structure.
Way of use: shake before use to mix the two phases, spray the product by distributing it with light massage. Applies to washed and towel-dried or dry hair. Do not rinse.
pack:200ml bottle.

GEL FLOW - modeling to prolong bending
The modeling phase of the Flou Gel is extramengent mild on the hair but persistent in duration. The hair is free but tends to maintain the position in which it is processed.
Extreme flexibility of use: with hair dryer with plate, normal setting, shooting of permanents without damaging the hair even if repeated use frequently to change hairstyle. It has positive effects on both dry and fatty hair. Anticrespo.
Way of use: apply a proportionate amount to the mass of the hair (from 10 ml to 20 ml) on the hair dabbed after washing, and then proceed to the final processing.
pack:200ml bottle.